Sate Ayam

This menu definitely will make you list Indonesia as your next trip destination!

Ayam or chicken is the most common, most-breeded animal in the world (according to one of my son’s Facts abour Chicken book). Whenever you live, chicken would be one of your most common menu on your life.

I think no study said that too much chicken will endanger your life, and I’m really thankful for it. My kids are crazy about chicken more than other dishes like fish or eggs! May God doesn’t create wings on their backs! LOL!

For Indonesian, chicken is one of the main dishes to supply protein instead of fish, goats, sheeps, buffaloes, rabbits, ducks, and other certain aves species. A lot of menus have been created with chicken as the main ingredient, but Sate Ayam seems to be the most common, most favorite chicken menu in almost all Indonesian areas.

You can find Sate Ayam restaurants and warung tenda (a kind of street food tent) in almost all parts of Indonesian areas, but the most popular one seems to Sate Ayam which comes from Madura (East Java).


Basically, Sate Ayam is just slices of chicken meat, especially the fleshy chicken breast parts, stuck one by one into a thin bamoo stick (4 to 5 slices per stick, according to the size). The Sate then are soaked to certain spices for a moment before those are grilled on a traditional grill pan and the heat comes from burning charcoal placed under the grill pan.


Indonesian love to eat Sate Ayam with sambal kacang (peanut sauce), with extra soysauce and slices of shallots and cayenne. Cucumber and tomatoes will work as the garnish and veggies that fitly accompany the menu.

sate-daging-bakar-rembiga sate-1

Wondering how Indonesian people cook Sate Ayam? Check this recipe (modified by me)


  • 450 grams of chicken breast
  • 2 limes
  • 75 ml soysauce
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Chicken Oil

  • 75 ml coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp garlic
  • 1 tsp coriander

Peanut sauce

  • 1 tbsp cayenne
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp shallots
  • 1 tsp garlic
  • 250 water
  • 150 peanuts


  1. Rinse the chicken meat and deeply soak to the mixture of lime juice, soysauce and salt. Let the meat absorbs the liquid mixture.
  2. Mash the coriander and garlic, and saute in a cooking oil on a small level of heat. Put them into a string to separate the oil and spices.
  3. Slice the chicken meat, stuck in a bamboo stick and rinse  in the oil.
  4. Grill them above a string of grill pan right after the charcoals are hot already.
  5. To make a peanut sauce: mash the fried spices and the peanut sauce ingredient, saute on a frying pan. Then pour in water and peanuts (smoothly mashed) until thicky. Serve beside Sate Ayam and hot white rice.

What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy Indonesia!



Nasi Goreng

Hello all!

Honestly, it’s a little bit confusing to write next Indonesian Food after Rendang. They are thousands, perhaps millions menu available in Indonesia. Fortunately, some minutes ago I got an inspiration to write one of my most-favorite daily menu. Yup, Nasi Goreng!


Basically, Nasi Goreng is a simple, cheesy menu everybody can cook anytime, anywhere. As you know, nasi or rice is our main food. Even Indonesian would love to say belum makan kalau belum makan nasi (we haven’t eaten yet if we don’t eat rice).

Many doctors or scientists said that too much rice is not healthy, as too much sugar kept by this food.However, I think we just ignore the suggestion (LOL), and keep eating rice every single day (God, give me a hundred years to live!)

Anyway, back to Nasi Goreng Menu! You can find Nasi Goreng menu at every restaurant, cafe and warung in this country. It’s one of the most common menu, instead of bakso, soto and mie ayam. 


Nasi Goreng is made of rice (cooked rice) which is fried with some special spices and sauces. Everybody can adjust this menu to taste just like what they want, whether it would be spicy, beefy, dry, or little oily. Nasi Goreng is used to be served with sunny side-up, shrimp, shrimp chips, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber (acar)


It’s quite mouth-watering, isn’t it? LOL!

If you are wondering if there is any strict rule for cooking Nasi Goreng, the answer is BIG NO! You can add anything you like such as beef, chicken, sausage, scramble eggs, ham, or anything!

If you are questioning me, Is it delicious? I would answer Yes, 100% yummy! Can’t believe it? Check this review, and you’ll be amazed how this food could be one of the yummiest food  in this planet! Sorry to say but Hamburger and Sushi have to admit the winner Nasi Goreng from Indonesia as the second champion 🙂

Here is the receipt of Indonesian Nasi Goreng you can practice at home


  • 2 plates of cooked rice (cook rice with a little water, to make the texture ideal for Nasi Goreng)
  • 5 Shallots, slice thin and fry until golden brown.
  • 3 Garlics, crush
  • 1 medium onion, chop into small pieces
  • slices of beef
  • slices of sausage
  • scramble eggs
  • salt and pepper, to taste
  • Soysauce
  • Fish sauce
  • Chilli sauce
  • Oyster Sauce


  1. Heat the oil in a large frying pan
  2. Saute the garlics, onions and salt, stir frequently.
  3. Put the slices of beefs, sausages, scrambled eggs on the pan, stir until tender
  4. Put all the rice in, stir well until well-mixed
  5. Add all sauces, stir well until well-mixed
  6. Taste, add salt and pepper if needed

You can modify this recipe to your own taste and serve warm.

Now you already know Nasi Goreng. Please share if it is useful!